Daughter of Grandvaux ...

Seven years spent at the Beaux-Arts in Versailles, Bourges and Saint-Etienne, have forged at home the base of a master's degree in the service of art without mienery. Curious and demanding, Bénédicte Reverchon has persevered with strong skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. So many tools that allow him to explore, reinvent, innovate on the pathways of expression.

... breath of allegory

Painter, sculptor, photographer? She is especially a marker of her time, of events and like them, always animated by immobile in movement. It only captures the ephemeral traces that interrogate and force the essence, are superimposed in multiple strata component and making the harmless its essential.

Thus, vibrant witness, it brings us in striking shortcuts through paths, lives, events, on the thin thread of their allegory. The process may be confusing for who came to "see". The performances of this delicate and sensitive artist of the trace are generous and demanding, also by the questions that they pose and by the answers that they wait. Benedicte Reverchon does not expose, she creates an event.

It appropriates the place, inflates it with tracks that run, intersect, collide or tie to create the moment. It is necessary to let oneself be carried away, to penetrate, to question by all the resonances of an ephemeral event of your existence which will mark it without any doubt of rich remanences.

To come "perceivingt".

Jacques Lenoir